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addons extend standard LEPTON

Addons are very useful to extend your LEPTON installation.


When we are talking about addons it means a summary of additions to improve your standard LEPTON.


Here are the exact meanings:


  • admintool: working within the backend only
  • page-module: pages for the frontend
  • backend-theme: design package for the backend
  • template:  design package for the frontend
  • snippet: codepackage for frontend-functions
  • droplet: code-zip for frontend- and backend functions
  • plugin: improve other addons (like jQuery Plugins)
  • library: external code framework (like MooTools)
  • language: core-language-file to adapt CMS


There are two kinds of addons:


free addons free to use with LEPTON package, no charge for use
commercial addons no free usage with LEPTON package, license fees are charged


You can find all details about the specific addon license within the info.php of addons package-files.


Libraries, Core-Language-Files, Snippets, Droplets and Plugins for LEPTON are generally free.

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