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New Release: LEPTON 1.1.3


This release is a bugfix / maintain release, but it contains latest jQuery and latest Tiny_MCE and some more.

The release 1.1.3  is available as

update package or complete package or mobile release.

Notice: the update packages contain only modified files and cannot be installed as initial installation.


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New Upgrade Scripts

[ 10/30/2014 ] With the help of these Upgrade-Scripts you can modify your WebsiteBaker...

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New Release: LEPTON 1.3.2

[ 10/22/2014 ] This version is the follower of LEPTON 1.3.1 . The main task was to fix...

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Ralf Hertsch is dead

[ 10/06/2014 ] Today some bad news reached us. Ralf Hertsch, co-founder of LEPTON project...

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New Release: LEPTON 1.3.1

[ 08/09/2014 ] This version is the follower of LEPTON 1.3.0 . The release fixes some bugs...

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